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Marble platform

Marble platform

Product Description: Marble platform is a kind of measuring tool with good practical utilization. From cutting and shaping, rough grinding to fine grinding in constant temperature chamber, it is suitabl...
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The marble platform is a kind of measuring tool with good practical utilization. From cutting and finalization, rough grinding to fine grinding in the constant temperature chamber, it requires good accuracy before and after (class 000 =1 × (1+d/1000) um, level 00 =2 × (1+d/1000) um, level 0 =4 × (1+d/1000) um, level 1 =8 × (1+d/1000) um, D are diagonal mm), the temperature is suitable (20 ± 2 ℃), the accuracy is better than the cast iron platform, and it is suitable for the detailed inspection of instruments, detailed tools and mechanical parts

technical requirements for marble platform:

1. The working surface of the platform shall not have sand holes, pores, cracks, slag inclusions, shrinkage porosity, scratches, bumps, rust and other defects that seriously affect the appearance and service performance

2. Dents or corners on the non working surface of the platform are allowed to be repaired

3. Gabbro, diabase and granite with fine grain and dense structure for platform application (biotite should be less than 5%, and elastic mold should be greater than 0.6*10 ­- 4kg/cm2, water absorption rate should be less than 0.25%), and the working surface hardness should be greater than 70hs

4. The allowable surface roughness Ra of the platform working surface is 0.32~0.63um, and the side is 10um

5. See Table 2 for flatness tolerance of platform working surface

6. When using diagonal method or network method to check the flatness of the platform working face, its plane fluctuation should be checked

7. the perpendicularity tolerance of the platform side to the working surface and the perpendicularity tolerance of the two adjacent sides of the flat plate shall comply with grade 12 specified in gb/t1184

8. the concentrated load area, applied rated load and allowable deflection in the middle of the platform working face shall comply with the regulations

9.000 and 00 level platforms are not recommended to set handling handles

10. if threaded holes (or grooves) are set on the working surface of level 0 and level 1 platforms, their positions should not be higher than the working surface

operation of marble platform:

1. The marble platform should be debugged before use

2. Wipe the board surface with alcohol cotton cloth

3. Place the workpiece to be measured and relevant measuring tools on the marble platform for 5 ~ 10 minutes, and measure after the temperature is adapted

4. After the measurement, wipe the board surface clean and cover it with a protective cover

precautions for the use of marble platform:

1. Do not knock or collide with the marble platform

2. Do not place other items on the marble platform

3. When moving the marble platform position, it is necessary to re adjust the levelness

4. When placing the marble platform, choose an environment with low noise, less dust, no vibration and stable temperature

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