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Granite measuring platform

Granite measuring platform

Product Description: Granite measuring platform is suitable for industrial production and laboratory measurement. Blank: make drawings according to the technical requirements, and make wood shapes, ingr...
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The main mineral components of the stone of the granite measuring platform are pyroxene, plagioclase, a small amount of olivine, biotite and a small amount of magnetite. It has black luster and fine structure. After hundreds of millions of years of aging, it has uniform texture, good stability, high strength, and can maintain appropriate accuracy under heavy load; Granite measuring platform is suitable for industrial production and laboratory measurement

the production process flow of granite measuring platform is basically:

1. Granite measuring platform blank: prepare drawings according to technical requirements, and make wood shape, ingredients, modeling, drying, casting, sand falling, cleaning, and inspect all parts of the blank according to the drawings

2. Machining of granite measuring platform: appearance inspection, marking, processing and inspection

3. Granite measuring platform workpiece leveling, manual scraping and grinding, and laboratory inspection

4. Appearance treatment, painting, packaging and warehousing of granite measuring platform

basic maintenance of granite measuring platform

granite measuring platform is used for various maintenance work, such as detailed measurement; Maintenance and measurement of various machine tools and machinery; Check the dimensional accuracy and line position deviation of the parts, and make careful marking. Granite platform is an excellent product in more than 20 industries, such as machine tool, machinery manufacturing and electronic production. The granite measuring platform is also an indispensable workbench for marking, measuring, riveting and welding, tooling technology, and the granite platform can also be used as a mechanical test platform

granite platforms are usually classified according to their use, and square boxes are classified according to their use: when used for maintenance, they are called maintenance square boxes; When marking, it is called marking square box; When assembling, it is called to load multiple regional boxes, etc; Riveting is called riveting granite platform; It is called tooling square box during tooling; Shock experiment is called shock experiment square box; When welding, it is called welding granite platform

maintenance of granite measuring platform

1. Be careful when handling and be careful of collision

2. Wipe it after cleaning, apply anhydrous acid antirust oil, cover it with stable paper, and store it in a clean and dry place

3. Before using the granite platform, use non corrosive gasoline, clean the anti rust oil on the working face, and wipe it with degreased cotton yarn before use

4. The temperature change of granite platform will lead to measurement error, which should be used within the range of 20 ± 2 ° C

5. When using the granite platform, adjust it to the level with a level so that the fulcrum is evenly distributed on each fulcrum

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