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Inspection surface plate

Inspection surface plate

Product Description: There shall be no sand holes, shrinkage, scratches, bumps, pores, cracks, slag rust and other defects that seriously affect the appearance and service performance on the working sur...
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Granite plate, also known as marble plate, is a benchmark measurement tool made of natural stone materials. It is an ideal benchmark for the inspection of instruments and mechanical parts. Granite plate (granite platform) is especially suitable for measurement with appropriate accuracy

the granite plate (granite platform) is made from the excellent rock layer under the ground. After hundreds of millions of years of natural aging, its shape is stable, and there is no need to worry about deformation due to conventional temperature difference. It is a granite stone that has been strictly tested and selected. Its crystal is fine and its texture is hard. As granite is a non-metallic material, it has excellent magnetic reaction and no plastic deformation, so it has good accuracy retention. In use, even if the granite slab is knocked by heavy objects, at most a few stones will fall off

characteristics and advantages of granite plate (granite platform):

1. After long-term natural growth and aging, the rock has uniform tissue structure and no deformation, so the accuracy is good

2. Good rigidity, hardness and strength

3. It is not afraid of acid and alkali erosion, will not rust, is not easy to stick to dust, and is convenient and simple to maintain. Compared with cast iron platform, it has a long service life

4. There will be no scratches, it is not limited by constant temperature conditions, and the measurement accuracy can be maintained under variable temperature

5. Without magnetization, it can move smoothly during measurement, without stagnation, and the plane is well weighed

some product defects may appear in the production process of granite plate, which can be repaired as long as the correct process method is adopted. The following are the technical precautions in the production of granite plate:

1. The working surface of granite plate shall not have sand holes, shrinkage porosity, scratches, bumps, pores, cracks, slag rust and other defects that seriously affect the appearance and service performance

2. It is allowed to repair the dents or corners on the non working surface of the granite plate

3. The perpendicularity tolerance of the side of the granite slab to the working face and the perpendicularity tolerance of the two adjacent sides of the slab shall comply with grade 12 specified in gb/t1184

4. See Table 3 for the concentrated load area, applied rated load and allowable deflection value of granite plate working face

it is recommended not to set handling handle for Grade 5, 000 and 00 flat plates

⒍ if a threaded hole (or groove) is set on the level 0 and level 1 flat surface, its position should not be higher than the working surface

⒎ gabbro, diabase and granite (biotite should be less than 5% and elastic modulus should be greater than 0.6) with fine grains and dense structure should be used for granite plate × 10-4kg/cm2, water absorption rate should be less than 0.25%), and the working surface hardness should be greater than 70hs

8 the large allowable value of surface roughness Ra of granite slab working face is 0.32~0.63um, and the side is 10um

⒐ flatness tolerance of granite slab working surface

⒑ when using the diagonal method or grid method to check the flatness of the flat working face, the fluctuation of the air plane and the plane fluctuation of the working face should be checked

service conditions of granite plate:

although the accuracy performance of granite plate is good and stable, the premise is to protect its service conditions and meet its requirements; The accuracy of Dalian granite platform is greatly affected by external factors; Now let's introduce it

temperature also has a great impact on the accuracy of granite plate. Marble plate is not suitable to be placed in the sun or on the headbox, because the granite platform measuring tool cannot measure the correct size after the temperature rises. Do not put the marble measuring platform near the heat source (such as electric furnace, heat exchanger, etc.), so as not to deform the granite platform measuring tool due to heating and lose accuracy. Therefore, when customers use the marble platform, they should use it in the workshop with constant temperature

temperature has a great influence on the measurement results of granite plate. The detailed measurement of parts should make the parts and marble platform measure at 20 ℃. Generally, it can be measured at room temperature, but make the temperature of the workpiece consistent with that of the granite platform measuring tool. Otherwise, due to the thermal expansion and contraction characteristics of metal materials, the measurement results are inaccurate

the accuracy of the granite plate has a direct impact on the ambient temperature of the platform. When the marble inspection platform is used, the ambient temperature is constant temperature, so the accuracy of the marble platform can achieve good results

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