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Granite platform

Product Description: Granite platform is mainly used for working face. Adopt grinding and scraping technology to protect constant temperature during production and processing. It is used to check the un...
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Granite platform, also known as granite flat plate, is used to test the flatness of granite platform. The main mineral components of granite are pyroxene, plagioclase, a small amount of olivine, biotite and a small amount of magnetite. It has black color and fine structure. After hundreds of millions of years of aging, it has uniform texture, good stability, high strength and good hardness, and can maintain appropriate accuracy under heavy load. It is applicable to industrial production and laboratory measurement

granite platform is mainly used for working face. Adopt grinding and scraping technology to protect constant temperature during production and processing. It is used to check the unevenness and straightness in the inspection of machine tools. Granite measuring tools can be matched with a square to check the verticality of two machine parts that cannot be checked only with a square; Granite measuring tools are also suitable for equipment installation and inspection. The granite platform at a temperature of (20 ± 5) ℃ is an ideal datum for the inspection of instruments, tools and mechanical parts. Especially for the measurement with appropriate accuracy, the cast iron plate is dwarfed by its characteristics

granite platform: it is taken from the underground rock layer. After hundreds of millions of years of natural aging, its shape is stable, and there is no need to worry about deformation due to conventional temperature difference. Granite platform through strict physical tests and selection of granite, fine crystal, hard texture. As granite is a non-metallic material, it has magnetic reaction and no plastic deformation. The granite platform has good hardness, so it has good accuracy retention. Granite platform: it is a benchmark measurement tool made of stone materials. The granite platform is an ideal benchmark for the inspection of instruments, tools and mechanical parts, especially for the measurement with appropriate accuracy

granite platform: even if the rock tool is knocked by heavy objects in use, at most a few stones will fall. Granite plate is superior to the measuring reference parts made of cast iron and steel, and can obtain high and stable accuracy. Granite plate 1000 produced by our company × 630mm '00' grade granite flat plate can still maintain the original accuracy after being placed for one year

granite platform has the advantages of good precision, no rust, no magnetization, unchanging type and good performance. Granite platform can keep stable under heavy load and general temperature. The granite platform measuring tools produced by our company are made of granite platform materials through mechanical processing and manual fine grinding

granite slab accuracy: according to the new standard, it is divided into grade 0, grade 1 and grade 2

1. welcome to inquire about other specifications. Larger ones can be processed to 3000mm wide and 6000mm long

2. We also accept various related processing on the flat plate, such as drilling, inlaying T-shaped, dovetail groove, etc

basic maintenance of granite platform

granite platform is suitable for all kinds of maintenance work, such as detailed measurement; Maintenance and measurement of various machine tools and machinery; Check the dimensional accuracy and line position deviation of the parts, and make careful marking. Granite platform is an excellent product in more than 20 industries, such as machine tool, machinery manufacturing and electronic production. The granite platform is also a worktable that can't be lacked for scribing, measuring, riveting and welding, and tooling technology. The granite platform can also be used as a mechanical test bench

granite platforms are usually classified according to their use, and square boxes are classified according to their use: when used for maintenance, they are called maintenance square boxes; When marking, it is called marking square box; When assembling, it is called to load multiple regional boxes, etc; Riveting is called riveting granite platform; It is called tooling square box during tooling; Shock experiment is called shock experiment square box; When welding, it is called welding granite platform

generally, the production process of granite platform should be strictly processed and produced by jb/t7974-2000. However, sometimes it needs to be designed according to the needs of users. When the home scale of the granite platform is different from the enterprise scale and the use requirements of the square box, special design can be carried out according to the actual needs of the square box. The idea of designing the square box should be based on the principle of achieving good use effect at an appropriate price, and good use effect should also achieve the principle of mutual benefit between the production and use sides

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