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What is the error of granite platform

2022-06-14 10:40:09

What is the error of granite platform?

the error of granite platform mainly has two points, one is the tolerance of granite platform, and the other is the processing error of granite plate. When using granite workbench, the granite platform should be leveled as much as possible to reduce the error. Here is the debugging method and error of granite platform:

the granite platform needs to be leveled before use, The basic points of leveling the fine granite platform are as follows:

1. Place the granite platform flat on the ground, adjust the stability of the four corners by hand, and fine tune the movable foundation until it is stable

2. Place the granite platform on the support, adjust its fulcrum position, and try to be close to the central symmetry

3. Adjust the supporting feet initially, so that the supporting points are evenly stressed

4. Use a level measuring instrument, usually a level ruler or an electronic level, to detect the level of the granite platform and fine tune the relevant fulcrum until it meets the horizontal position

5. After the initial adjustment is qualified, it should be copied after standing for 12 hours. If it is unqualified, it should be adjusted again. If it is qualified, it can be used

6. The granite slab shall be inspected and maintained periodically according to the actual field environment after use

granite platform processing error: dimensional error; Macro geometry error; Mutual position error; Surface roughness

detailed granite platform tolerance: the technical regulations for controlling geometric parameters are called "tolerance", that is, the large variation allowed by the actual parameter value

error occurs in the processing process, and the tolerance is determined by the designer. Tolerance is a large allowable value of error

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