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Precautions for granite component assembly

2022-06-14 10:39:22

In the assembly process, whether it is iron castings, granite components, stones, etc., there are many key points that need to be jointly observed in the contract. There are no unauthorized assemblies. In order to protect the assembly quality of stone machinery products, it is necessary to operate according to the specified assembly process requirements of various stone machinery products. Different stone machinery products have different assembly process requirements

clean the parts. The cleaning work includes the removal of residual casting sand, rust, debris, etc. In particular, important parts such as crane cutting machine and inner cavity should be coated with antirust paint. The oil stain, rust or attached debris on the parts can be cleaned with diesel, kerosene or gasoline as detergent, and then dried with compressed air

the seal shall be pressed into the sealing groove in parallel, and the sealing surface shall not be twisted and scratched

the assembly of the wheel requires that the axis centerline of the two tooth combination wheel should be on the same plane and parallel to each other. The clearance of the protective gear is normal, and the axial dislocation is less than 2mm

the joint surface should be checked for smoothness and deformation. Otherwise, the joint surface shall be trimmed and deburred to confirm that the contact is tight, smooth and not skewed

lubricant is usually added to the matching surface before matching or jointing. Especially the bearing part of the main axle box and the nut part of the lifting mechanism

the fitting size of the fitting parts should be accurate, and they should be rechecked or sampled during assembly. For example, the fitting position of the main journal and the bearing, the fitting hole of the main spindle box and the bearing and its center distance

The assembly of the pulley requires that the axes of the two pulleys should be parallel and the center of the groove should be positive. If the pulley is offset, the pulley tension will be uneven, resulting in belt slip and accelerated wear. At the same time, the V-belt should be matched and the length should be consistent before assembly to prevent vibration in transmission

the bearing should be cleaned before assembly, and the antirust paint should be removed before assembly; During cleaning, pay attention to check whether the raceway and rolling element are corroded and whether the rotation is flexible; The bearing should be coated with a layer of lubricating oil during assembly. D applied to the surface of accessories, if the pressure difference is too large, the assembly inspection should be stopped, and there is no model when the bearing is assembled. One end should face inward, and the shoulder should face; When assembling the bearing, the direction and position of the additional force should be appropriate, so that the rolling element of the raceway is not stressed, and the end face should be perpendicular to the shaft, so as to prevent the installation from tilting

the assembly of granite components requires not only special attention, but also granite flat plate, granite square, granite box, granite flat ruler, aluminum alloy detection flat plate, etc. Granite components can also be used as mechanical test-bed: it is suitable for all kinds of testing work. The reference datum is the measurement plane, the machine tool mechanical testing and measurement datum, and the dimensional accuracy or behavior deviation of parts. It is an honest business in the machinery industry and is also favored by many laboratories

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