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Production process and processing flow of granite platform

2022-06-14 10:37:58

Production process and processing flow of granite platform

granite platform is suitable for measuring tools in machinery factories

The main processes of granite platform processing are: sawing, grinding and polishing, cutting, chiseling, auxiliary processing, inspection and repair

(1) sawing processing

is to use a stone sawing machine to cut granite waste into rough boards with the required thickness (generally 20mm or 10mm thick), or semi-finished products in strip, block and other shapes. This process is a rough machining process. Common equipment for sawing and processing include granite one-to-one frame diamond saw, single blade bidirectional cutting machine, large diameter circular saw, etc. The traditional pendulum sand saw has been gradually eliminated due to its low efficiency and poor cutting quality

(2) grinding and polishing process

the purpose is to further process the sawn rough board to make the thickness, flatness and gloss of the endurance board meet the requirements. This process needs to be completed in several steps, first of all, rough grinding and leveling, and then semi fine grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing. It is a complex operation in granite processing. Only through grinding and polishing, can the inherent color, pattern and gloss of the decorative board be fully displayed, Achieve decorative effect. Common equipment for grinding and polishing include ten head granite automatic continuous grinding and polishing machine, bridge grinder, hand-held grinder, small disc mill, large disc mill, reverse roughing mill, etc. The abrasive tools and abrasives used in the mill gradually reduce the composition particle size with the improvement of polishing accuracy. Common Abrasives include corundum, silicon carbide, artificial diamond and cubic boron nitride

(3) the cutting process

is to use a cutting machine to shape and cut the rough board or polished board according to the length and width required by the order, which is deeply affected by the required specification board. Common equipment for cutting processing include longitudinal multi blade cutting machine, double blade cutting machine, transverse cutting machine, bridge cutting machine, cantilever cutting machine, hand-operated cutting machine, etc

(4) auxiliary processing

granite processing in addition to the above main processes, according to the specific needs of decoration, it is often necessary to grind edges, chamfer, open holes, drill holes, mill lace, etc. Common equipment includes automatic edge grinding and chamfering machine, one-to-one profiling milling machine for stone, thin-wall drilling machine, hand-held diamond circular saw, hand-held polishing machine, etc

(5) inspection and repair procedure

granite plates inevitably have cracks and holes, and fracture, scratch, edge collision and other defects often occur in the processing process. Through cleaning and inspection, it can be put into storage. If the defect is not serious, it can be bonded and repaired to reduce the scrap rate. This process is usually manual. Some imported production lines use automatic continuous repair machines, and the color of the repair place is basically the same as that of the original material. Automatic continuous repair machine, blowing and air drying machine or manual inspection and manual repair are commonly used

(6) chiseling processing

is an ancient stone processing method. This method is simple, flexible and convenient. It is suitable for external processing and is well received by the required specification plates

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