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Granite component

Product Description: After long-term aging, granite components have uniform organizational structure, small linear expansion coefficient, and all internal stresses disappear without deformation. There w...
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Granite components shall be inspected while being assembled

1. Carefully carry out pre start inspection. For example, check the integrity of assembly work, the accuracy of each connecting part, the flexibility of moving parts, the normality of lubrication system, etc

2. Carefully monitor the startup process. After the machine is started, immediately observe whether the main working parameters and moving parts move normally. The main working parameters include the speed of movement, the stability of movement, the rotation of the main shaft, the lubricating oil pressure and, temperature, vibration and noise, etc. Only when all movement indicators are normal and stable during the start-up phase can the test run be carried out

product characteristics of granite components:

1. After long-term aging, granite components have uniform organizational structure, small linear expansion coefficient, and all internal stresses disappear without deformation

2. Good rigidity, good hardness, strong, small temperature deformation

3. It is not afraid of acid and erosion, will not rust, does not need to be oiled, is not easy to stick to dust, is convenient and simple to maintain, and has a long service life

4. There will be no scratches, which will not be prevented by constant temperature conditions, and the measurement accuracy can be maintained at room temperature

5. No magnetization, smooth movement during measurement, no astringency, not affected by humidity, and good plane stability

granite components are mainly used to test the unevenness and straightness of machine tools. They are good measuring tools and a kind of granite components. If used improperly, it will affect the service accuracy of granite components and shorten the service life, so the following matters should be paid attention to in use:

1. Granite components should not be stacked with other tools in the process of use, so as not to be bruised. At the same time, it should not be placed on the machine tool, so as to avoid damage caused by the falling of measuring tools due to the vibration of the machine tool

2. When measuring parts with granite components on the machine tool, it is necessary to protect all parts from stopping before measuring, otherwise the measuring surface of the components will be worn out prematurely and the accuracy will be lost

3. Before measurement, the measuring surface of granite components and the measured surface of parts should be wiped clean to avoid the existence of foreign matters affecting the measurement accuracy

4. The measurement results are greatly affected by temperature. The measurement of parts is determined to make the parts and components measure at 20 ℃. Generally, it can be measured at room temperature, but it is necessary to make the temperature of the workpiece consistent with that of the component. Otherwise, due to the thermal expansion and cold contraction characteristics of metal materials, the measurement results will be inaccurate

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