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Granite mechanical components

Granite mechanical components

Product Description: Granite mechanical components are punched (inlaid with steel sleeves) and slotted according to the actual needs of customers on the basis of the original marble platform; Find paral...
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Granite mechanical components are punched (inlaid with steel sleeves) and slotted according to the actual needs of customers on the basis of the original marble platform; Find parallelism, flatness, and the overall technical requirements are much more stringent than ordinary marble platforms. The production process is the same as marble platforms, which are both machined and manually ground, but the process of granite components is much more complex. Granite mechanical components are mostly used for tooling in the machinery industry, so they are called granite mechanical components or granite components. The characteristics of granite components are basically the same as granite platforms:

the material of granite mechanical components is "Jinan green", and the stone is made by mechanical processing and manual fine grinding

1. After long-term natural growth and aging, marble mechanical components have uniform organizational structure, small linear expansion coefficient, and all internal stresses disappear without deformation

2. Good rigidity, hardness, performance and small temperature deformation

3. It is not afraid of acid and erosion, will not rust, does not need to be oiled, is not easy to stick to dust, is convenient and simple to maintain, and has a long service life

4. There will be no scratches, which will not be prevented by constant temperature conditions, and the measurement accuracy can be maintained at room temperature

5. No magnetization, smooth movement during measurement, no astringency, not affected by humidity, and good plane stability

technical requirements for granite mechanical components

1. it is not recommended to use class 000 and 00 granite mechanical parts for the handling handle

2. Concave granite deviation angle or non working surface of mechanical parts can be carefully served

3. The mechanical components of granite should be fine-grained, dense diabase, diabase, granite (biotite should be less than 5%, water absorption should be less than 0.25%, elastic modulus should be greater than 0.6 × 10-4kg/cm2), and the working surface hardness should be greater than 70hs

4. For mechanical components, the allowable side of granite is 10um, and the value of surface roughness Ra is 0.32 ~ 0.63um

5. Flatness tolerance of working surface of granite mechanical components

6. The vertical tolerance of the side surface of the granite perpendicularity tolerance of the mechanical parts on two adjacent sides and the granite surface of the mechanical parts is specified in GB 12/t1184

7. The flatness of the working surface of granite mechanical components shall be tested by diagonal method or grid method

8. The granite mechanical face intermediate member in the concentrated load area, and a rated load are applied to the allowable deflection preset value in Table 3

9. The working surface of granite mechanical components shall be free of sand holes, pores, cracks, slag inclusions, shrinkage, scratches, bumps, rust and other defects that seriously affect the appearance and service performance

10. if the threaded hole (or groove) on the surface of grade 0 and grade 1 granite of the mechanical component, it should not be higher than the face

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