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Granite box

Product Description: As the datum plane for all kinds of detailed measurement and inspection, granite square box is often used for the inspection of various machine tools, measuring the dimensional accu...
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Granite square box is also called granite plane detection platform. Granite square box is manufactured in strict accordance with gb/t 8601.2001, jc/t 79-2001 standard

specification of granite square box: no more than 3000mm × 5000mm, granite square box is used as the datum plane for all kinds of detailed measurement and inspection. It is often used for the inspection of various machine tools and machinery, measuring the dimensional accuracy and line position deviation of parts, and making detailed lines

granite square box is a worktable that can't be lacked for scribing, measuring, riveting and welding, and tooling. Marble flat plate can also be used as a mechanical test bench

granite square box is a benchmark measurement tool made of natural stone materials. It is an ideal benchmark for the inspection of instruments, detailed tools and mechanical parts. Especially for the measurement with appropriate accuracy, the cast iron plate is dwarfed by its excellent product quality. Note: Granite square box is a kind of measuring tools. Products made of this material include granite ruler, granite parallel gauge, granite V-frame, etc

granite square box verification method for square boxes with side length of 300mm and below, during verification, 1mm gauge blocks are placed at both ends of the tested surface of the square box, the knife edge ruler is placed on the working surface of the gauge block, and then the gauge block is used to test the plug at each tested point. The difference between the size of the equivalent block group just inserted and the size of the gauge blocks at both ends is the deviation between the tested point and both ends. This verification should also be carried out on several sections in the longitudinal, transverse and diagonal directions of the working surface of the granite square box

precautions for use

1. The working surface of the granite square box is afraid of the impact and beating of hard objects, so you should pay attention to handling with care when measuring the workpiece or in use, so as to prevent heavy objects such as iron from hitting the working surface of the marble square box, so as to avoid too many pits, affecting its service life and its beauty

2. If it is not used for a long time, the square box should be wiped with lubricating oil. If there is no lubricating oil, it can be replaced by edible oil. When it is used again, it can be wiped dry with a soft cloth. When the surface is stained, it is advisable to clean the stain with some light corrosive agents such as lemon juice or vinegar. It is forbidden to use fat soap or soda powder and other materials that are vulnerable to the essence of the marble square box

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