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Marble square box

Product Description: The marble square box is mainly used for the examination and marking of the parallelism and perpendicularity of parts and components. Marble square box / marble square cylinder is a...
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The marble square box is mainly used for the examination and marking of the parallelism and perpendicularity of parts and components. Marble square box / marble square cylinder is a cavity cube made of marble with six working faces, one of which has a V-shaped groove

I. material of marble square box: grey marble ht200-250, manufactured according to jb/t3411.56-99 standard. The marble square box has been artificially annealed twice to remove the internal stress, and the structure is firm and not easy to deform

second, the use of the marble square box: as a tool for the fitter to make broken lines in the industrial production workshop; It is also possible to detect the parallelism and verticality of the whole machine; It can also be used as a workbench. There is a bracket on it, which is used to test or draw any angle line of the workpiece. A fixture used for measuring and marking

III. skill request of marble square box: the working face shall not have sand holes, pores, cracks, slag inclusions, shrinkage, scratches, bumps, rust spots and other defects that significantly affect the appearance and utilization function, otherwise the measurement will be incorrect

IV. verification method of flatness of marble square box: for square boxes with side length of 300mm and below, place 1mm gauge blocks at both ends of the tested surface of the square box, place the knife edge ruler on the working surface of the gauge block, and then use the gauge block to test the plug at each inspected point. The difference between the size of the equivalent block group just inserted and the size of the gauge blocks at both ends is the deviation between the two ends of the inspected point. This verification shall also be carried out on the number of sections in the longitudinal, transverse and diagonal directions of the working surface of the square box. The flatness of the plane of the tested surface is taken as the sum of the large positive difference and the large negative difference in the measured straight line at each position when the error direction is consistent, and when the error direction is inconsistent

v. specification of marble square box: it can be customized according to users' needs, and our company can provide design drawings

after purchasing the marble square box, the user should use the scribed square box safely, try to avoid collision, and the accuracy is particularly stable based on the material characteristics. Because the marble square box adopts natural growth marble, the marble is recrystallized limestone, which softens under high temperature and high pressure, and recrystallizes to form marble when the mineral content changes. If the marble square box is collided or scratched on the detection surface, it will only produce pits and will not produce bumps and burrs, but it will not have any impact on the measurement accuracy. The marble square box logo has uniform texture, good hardness and strength, and can maintain appropriate accuracy under heavy load. Therefore, the marble V-frame can still maintain its original accuracy after one year. This is a trustworthy feature of marble that cannot be compared with other materials. Customers can achieve excellent results and prolong the service life when using and maintaining the marble square box correctly

maintenance method of marble square box

marble square box is a measuring tool and cannot be used as a substitute for other tools. For example, it is wrong to draw lines with a vernier caliper, use a micrometer as a small hammer, use a steel ruler as a screwdriver screw, and use a steel ruler to clean up chips. Remember not to use the measuring tool as a toy. It is also wrong to wave or rotate it arbitrarily, such as holding the micrometer in your hand, which is easy to make the measuring tool lose accuracy

after using measuring tools, such as measuring tools, should be wiped in time. Except for stainless steel measuring tools or those with protective coatings, the metal surface should be coated with a layer of antirust oil, placed in a one-to-one box and stored in a dry place

in the production process of the marble square box, some theoretical weight errors will occur, but it should be noted that whether the errors within a reasonable range affect the normal use of the square box. Generally, the machining error and casting error should be taken into account during production. The error should not exceed 10%. When it exceeds 10%, we should further identify and inspect its quality to determine whether it can be put into use normally

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