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Precautions for granite components

2022-06-14 10:58:48

In order to protect the working accuracy of granite components and reduce the temperature difference around the platform, precautions for the environment during the installation of granite components:

1. Requirements for the working environment of granite components:

1. Stable granite component support accessories. Be careful when selecting granite component support accessories. If the platform support is unstable, the platform cannot play the role of detection benchmark, It will even cause damage to the platform and work

2. The foundation of the installation site needs to be fully compacted, and there are no holes, empty soil and other bad foundation phenomena

3. Suitable ambient temperature. The working ambient temperature should be between 10-35 ℃, avoiding direct exposure to granite components. Good lighting equipment should be equipped indoors

4. In order to improve the stability of the accuracy of the granite components and reduce the thermal deformation of the platform, if possible, the granite components can be installed in a relatively closed workshop equipped with air conditioning equipment. The relative humidity of the working environment should be less than 75%, away from the place where the liquid splashes, and prevent the dripping of the workshop

5. Keep away from the environment with too much dust and corrosive gas, and have ventilation, dust-free, oil-free and metal powder. Send the granite plate into the constant temperature chamber, and use the coarse grinding sand for coarse grinding. When the grinding error is almost the same, replace the plate with the fine grinding sand to find the fine. In the process of grinding, different types of grinding sand should be used according to the error. It is tested with an electronic level to meet the standard accuracy requirements

6. Anti interference, keep away from strong electromagnetic interference, such as welding machines, large cranes, high and medium frequency equipment, and away from vibration sources. When the accuracy is suitable for inspection, there should be a shockproof groove, and the shockproof groove should be filled with sand or furnace ash

7. The granite should be cut into the required size on the sawing machine according to the needs. During the cutting process, pay attention not to walk too fast, so as to avoid the deviation of the cut size. This step is very critical. If the processing is not accurate, it will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble to the subsequent processing, so the size should be determined in the cutting process

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