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Granite V-shaped frame

Granite V-shaped frame

Product Description: Different regions have different names: Granite V-block, marble V-block, granite V-frame, marble V-frame. Granite V-shaped frame is used to check the concentricity of various shafts...
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Granite V-shaped frame is taken from the underground rock layer. After hundreds of millions of years of natural aging, its shape is extremely stable, and there is no need to worry about deformation due to conventional temperature difference. After strict physical tests and selection of granite, the crystal is fine and the texture is hard. As granite is a non-metallic material, it has excellent magnetic reaction and no plastic deformation

different regions have different names: Granite V-block, marble V-block, granite V-frame, marble V-frame. Granite V-shaped frame is used to check the concentricity of various shafts and draw lines in combination with flat plates. It is a fine benchmark measuring tool made of natural stone materials. It is an ideal benchmark for the inspection of instruments, fine tools and mechanical parts. Especially for the measurement with appropriate accuracy, the V-shaped cast iron block is dwarfed by its excellent product quality

daily maintenance of granite V-shaped frame

1. Granite V-shaped frame is very fragile and is afraid of the impact and beating of hard objects, so you should pay attention to handling with care when measuring workpieces or using them at ordinary times, so as to prevent heavy objects such as iron from hitting the working surface, so as to avoid too many pits, affecting its use and affecting its beauty

2. If it is not used for a long time, the marble V-shaped block should be wiped with lubricating oil. If there is no lubricating oil, it can be replaced by edible oil. When it is used again, it can be wiped dry with a soft cloth. When the surface is stained, it is advisable to clean the stain with some light corrosive agents such as lemon juice or vinegar. It is forbidden to wipe with soap or soda powder and other materials that are vulnerable to rock essence

accuracy deviation of granite V-shaped frame

as granite V-shaped frame is a very detailed measuring tool, it is inspected in the constant temperature chamber during delivery inspection. After delivery, the accuracy of granite V-shaped block will be definitely affected due to the large changes of external temperature and humidity. In addition, excessive loading and unloading during transportation and bumps on the road will also affect the accuracy of V-shaped block, which are allowed in the national standard

in order to protect the relatively ideal performance of the product after it arrives at the customer's company, it is recommended that the customer put the marble V-block in the constant temperature chamber for 2-3 days after receiving it. Of course, in general, the external environment and transportation process have little impact on the accuracy of V-block, and there will be only a slight deviation in accuracy, which will not affect the use of products

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