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Granite guide rail

Granite guide rail

Product Description: The granite guide rail can be slotted and sleeved, and users can provide requirements or drawings to customize according to needs....
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The main mineral components of granite guide rail are fleeing stone, plagioclase, a small amount of olivine, biotite and micro magnetite. It has black color. After natural aging, it has uniform texture, good stability, high strength and good hardness, and can maintain appropriate accuracy under heavy load. It is applicable to industrial production and laboratory measurement

function and design requirements of granite guide rail:

when the moving part moves in a straight line along the guide, the guide rail on the guide plays the role of support and guidance, that is, supporting and protecting the moving part to move in a straight line in a given direction under the action of external forces (load and weight of the moving part itself)

the requirements for granite guide rail are as follows:

1. Determine the guiding accuracy. Guiding accuracy refers to the straightness of the moving part moving along the guide rail and the accuracy of its mutual position with the relevant base plane

2. The movement is light and smooth. When working, it should be light and labor-saving, with uniform speed, and there should be no crawling phenomenon at low speed

3. Good performance. The performance of the guide rail means that the guide rail can maintain a certain accuracy after long-term use. The guide rail should be worn during use, but the wear amount should be small, and it can be automatically compensated or adjusted after wear

4. Sufficient stiffness. The external force on the moving parts is borne by the guide rail surface, so the guide rail should have sufficient contact stiffness. For this reason, it is often used to increase the width of the guide rail surface to reduce the specific pressure of the guide rail surface; Set the auxiliary guide rail to bear the external load

5. The influence of temperature change is small. The guide rail shall be protected to work normally under the condition of working temperature change

6. The structure has good processability. On the premise of protecting other requirements of the guide rail, the guide rail should be simple in structure, easy to process, measure, assemble and adjust, and reduce costs

the granite guide rail can be slotted and sleeved, and users can provide requirements or drawings to customize as needed

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