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Granite square

Granite square

Product Description: A tool with at least one right angle and two or more straight edges for drawing or checking right angles....
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Granite square ruler has a function to detect whether 90 ° is qualified. It is particularly obvious in the manufacturing industry, especially in the NC machine tool industry. Marble square ruler and marble ruler have a right angle and a good combination of straightness

common specifications of granite square are 300*500mm, 1000*750mm, etc

granite square has at least one right angle and two or more straight edges, which is used to draw or test right angles. Granite square is made of "Jinan green" stone by mechanical processing and manual fine grinding. Black luster, fine structure, uniform texture, good stability, high strength, good hardness, can maintain appropriate accuracy under heavy load and general temperature, and has the advantages of no rust, no magnetization, constant type, etc. It is used for inspection, measurement, marking, equipment installation and industrial engineering construction

daily maintenance of granite square

1. Although granite square will not deform and affect the accuracy due to the impact and knocking of hard objects, when hard objects hit its working face, the marble square will fall stone debris and produce pits, and too many pits on the working face or too large will affect the accuracy of marble square, so you should pay attention to handling with care in measuring workpieces or in use to avoid too many pits, It affects its use and beauty

2. When the granite square ruler is not used for a long time, it should be wiped with one-to-one lubricating oil. If there is no one-to-one lubricating oil, it can be replaced by edible oil. When it is used again, it can be wiped dry with a soft cloth. When the surface is stained, it should be cleaned with some light corrosive agents such as lemon juice or vinegar. It is forbidden to wipe it with soap or soda powder and other materials that are vulnerable to the essence of marble

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